Technical Data

EarthMatter™ Compounds

EarthMatter™ masterbatches and full compounds deliver a breakthrough in performance and sustainability for our customers and our planet. We are focused on long-term impact and choose materials with sustainability in mind. Our patent pending, bio-based microfiber technology is suitable for biobased, colorant, and recycled applications.

EarthMatter™ EM105:

EarthMatter™ EM105 Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

EarthMatter™ EM105 Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

EarthMatter™ EM130:

EarthMatter™ EM130 Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

EarthMatter™ EM130 Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

EarthMatter™ EM175:

EarthMatter™ EM175 Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

EarthMatter™ EM175 Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

EarthMatter™ EM7260:

EarthMatter™ EM7260 Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

EarthMatter™ EM7260 Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

EarthFiber™ Additives

Earth Renewable Technologies offers a variety of microfiber solutions for performance and color applications that span the plastics industry. Our patent pending microfiber technology can improve impact resistance, HDT, elongation at break, and barrier properties. Earthfiber™ is available in grades designed for bioplastics, recycled plastics, and select conventional plastics.

EarthFiber™ MF101:

EarthFiber™ MF101 Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

EarthFiber™ MF101 Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

EarthFiber™ MF102:

EarthFiber™ MF102 Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

EarthFiber™ MF102 Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

EarthFiber™ MF103:

EarthFiber™ MF103 Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

EarthFiber™ MF103 Technical Data Sheet (PDF)

Scientific Results

The effectiveness of ERT’s patent pending microfiber additive technology has been validated through several third-party tests which are available for downloading below. In addition, ERT has an extensive database of in-house lab testing that can be shared upon request.

2017 Total – Corbion EarthMatter™ Testing Report (PDF)

2017 Labthink EarthMatter™ Barrier Testing Report (PDF)

2017 Senbis EarthMatter™ 3D Printing Report (PDF)

2017 Senbis 3D Filament Extrusion Report (PDF)