Fiber Concentrates for Recycled Plastics

EarthRestore™ Fiber Concentrate

We use our bio-based microfiber in the EarthRestore™ line of compounds to extend the functionality of recycled PE, PP, and PET as well as improve the ease of processing for various applications. Collaboration and innovation are at the core of our product development. Let our team of experts help you find the right compound for your product needs.

Breakthrough Performance:
• Increased Impact Resistance
• Increased Compatibility
• Increased Elongation
• Increased Barrier
• Increased MFI
• Reduced Color Add

Recycle Applications:

Bottles and Containers

EarthRestore™ provides exceptional performance properties for recycled resins, allowing increased recycled content in bottles and containers while providing a lower carbon footprint for sustainability. EarthRestore™ compounds are suitable for food and beverages, medical products and devices, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal care, household goods, and natural products.

Films and Flexibles

EarthRestore™ compounds improve recycled resin performance in packaging, retail bags, wraps, building construction, landscaping materials, and labels. As brands continue to drive the demand for recycled content in packaging, our compound continues to push the limit of recycled resin properties and increase the volume of recycled materials in end-products.

Non-Bottle and Bulky Rigids

EarthRestore™ compounds are suitable for nondurable rigids such as tubs, cups, containers, lids, trays, and other food containers as well as durable items such as crates, pallets, carts, furniture, toys, and buckets. EarthRestore’s™ ability to add impact resistance and elongation characteristics at low add in rates can allow manufacturers to take light-weighting to the next level. Let us help your recycled resins meet the growing demand for increased biobased and recycled content in end products.


EarthRestore™ compounds and EarthFiber™ additives have the ability to increase the strength of recycled materials, allowing higher percentages to be used in nonwoven applications. Typically, a certain percentage of recycled materials are used in nonwoven fabrics, varying based upon the specific end-use. Let our products help increase the sustainable story of your nonwovens using our patent-pending, biobased microfiber technology.

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