Fiber Concentrates for Additive Reduction

EarthReduce™ Fiber Concentrate

With EarthReduce™ fiber concentrate, you get MORE with LESS. EarthReduce™ White and Black fiber concentrates enable superior dispersion, reduced colorant loading, maximized opacity, and enhanced physical properties with up to 5x less colorant compared to traditional TiO2 and carbon black fiber concentrates. Our EarthReduce™ fiber concentrates are available in a variety of polymer types including PE, PET, PA, PLA, and more. EarthReduce™ utilizes the patent pending EarthFiber™ technology to create a microfiber matrix which results in more efficient dispersion of colorant and optimized light refraction, allowing customers to achieve a breakthrough in colorant performance.


White and Black Fiber Concentrate Applications:

Films & Flexible Packaging

EarthReduce™ enables superior opacity and dispersion with less additives – allowing for down-gauged films with improved overall sustainability and reduced cost. With EarthReduce™, customers can achieve up to 5X less additives to achieve the same opacity, while increasing barrier and other performance properties compared to traditional film products. With our bio-based EarthFiber™ masterbatch solutions, customers can also reduce the fossil-based polymers in their packaging products, which empowers brand owners to offer more sustainable packaging solutions to consumers.

Bottles & Containers

EarthReduce™ promotes lightweighting for bottles and containers by reducing the amount of additives required to provide opacity, barrier, and durability. EarthReduce™ masterbatch solutions offer superior performance properties for rigid packaging bottles for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and more, while reducing the total amount of fossil-based materials, additives, and fillers. Hot-fill, food-contact approved, and non-GMO materials are available, enabling brand owners to achieve breakthrough performance compared to traditional rigid packaging materials.

Agriculture & Other Outdoor Articles

EarthReduce™white and black fiber concentrates are an ideal choice for processors of outdoor articles. By providing optimal opacity, enhanced processing, and enhanced light protection, EarthReduce™ enables material reduction and improves the sustainability of agricultural products, building & construction materials,  industrial containers, and more. To further enhance the performance and sustainability of our customers’ products, EarthReduce™ bio-based and biodegradable solutions are available.