Reimagining Plastics for
a Regenerative World.

Providing technological solutions for compounds and additives to empower a circular economy.

Earth Renewable

Our Story

It all began with a dream from our founder. A true need from a brand owner to have an alternate solution for industries petroleum-based fragment. The decision to move forward and attempt to fix the historic weaknesses of PLA and revolutionize the industry were made, and Earth Renewable Technologies became one of the world’s first companies to tackle such problems.

Our proprietary Short Fiber Reinforcement Technology (SFRT) was developed by scientists who understood that polymeric matrixes had to be reinforced at their core; hence introducing to the polymer world new ways of enhancing polymers.

Our dream is to revolutionize green technologies in ways to significantly impact the use of sustainable plastics, keeping honest to our true core of social responsibility, by minimizing ouyr carbon footprint and reducing waste. We are providing technological solutions for compounds and additives to empower a circular economy and create a real impact on our world.

Our Mission and Future


To become a global leader in green technologies impacting the emergence of increased use of sustainable plastics.


To develop specialized compounds and additives that impact the performance of plastics transforming consumption towards more sustainable materials.


_Success is currently measured by standards of the industry and the world we live in; we are taking these standards to a next level.

_We allow nature to be our guide both in theory of technology development and growth.

_Our work will be catalytic and transformative.
_We seek to support innovative and transformative ideas, people, and organizations in all aspects of our work.

_We pursue true partnerships with land and relationships, valuing collaboration ad respect with our customers.

Our Team


Kim Gurtensten Fabri


Emanuel Martins


Fabio Nametz


Scheyla Zeck

R&D Fellow

Sara Link

Customer Experience

Naiara Bortolossi

Logistics Analyst

Jared Owen

Operations Technician

Paulo Affonso Melro Neto

Compliance Officer