Fiber Concentrates

Innovative Solutions for Conventional, Recycled, and Bio Based Plastics

Fiber Concentrates deliver a breakthrough in performance and sustainability for our customers and our planet. We are focused on long-term impact and choose materials with sustainability in mind. Our patent pending microfiber technology is suitable for conventional, recycled, and bio based applications.




EarthReduce™ Fiber Concentrate

Concentrates that enable our customers to reduce the amount of pigments, fillers, and additives including TiO2, Carbon Black, red, blue, and more.

Technical Advantages
• Color Enhanced PLA Stereo Complex and Color Enhanced bioPET Fiber
• TiO2 loading up to 5X in PE and PLA
• Barrier Properties
• Down-Gauging
• Reduces Carbon Footprint

EarthRestore™ Fiber Concentrate

Fiber Concentrates that enable our customers to restore the physical properties of recycled polymers and improve the afterlife performance of recycled polymers.

Breakthrough Performance:
• Increased Impact Resistance
• Increased Compatibility
• Increased Elongation
• Increased Barrier
• Increased MFI
• Reduced Color Add

EarthRenew™ Fiber Concentrate

Concentrates that enable our customers to improve the physical properties of renewable polymers and increase the renewable content of fossil-based polymers. EarthRenew™ Fiber Concentrates are biobased.

Breakthrough Performance in PLA:
• Increases Renewable Content up to 100%
• Increases Elongation up to 50 X
• Increases HDT up to 2 X
• Increases Impact Resistance up to 5X
• Enhances WVTR Barrier Properties up to 20 X
• Enhances OTR Barrier Properties up to 4 X

EarthReveal™ Fiber Concentrate

Fiber Concentrates that reveal aesthetic appeal of sustainable plastics.

• Light Illumination and Color Enhancement
• Wood or Paper Appearance

 Fiber Concentrate Additives

Earth Renewable Technologies offers a variety of Fiber Concentrates for both functional performance and color applications that span the plastics industry.  Our patent pending microfiber technology can improve impact resistance, HDT, elongation at break, and barrier properties.  Fiber Concentrates are available in grades designed for bioplastics, recycled plastics, and select conventional plastics.


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