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Are EarthBottles™ created with proprietary technology?

EarthBottles™ are created with proprietary technology that is protected by several patents.

Are EarthBottles made in the United States?

EarthMatter™ additive and EarthBottle™ finished goods are manufactured in the United States.

What plant-based materials are used to make EarthMatter™?

Depending on the particular variant, our EarthMatter™ additive contains products made from GMO-free feedstocks of sugarcane and sugar beets. This additive can be used with both plant-based PLA base resins as well as traditional base resins.

Are EarthMatter™ and EarthBottles™ compostable?

Our first formulation for EarthMatter™ canisters was verified as industrially compostable by ASTM D6400 testing. We are in the process of testing our new formulations. There are a limited number of industrial composting facilities in the US, and they may not be available near you. New products made with EarthMatter™ require separate testing for compostability.

Can I compost products made with EarthMatter™ in my backyard compost bin?

Products made with EarthMatter™ are not considered backyard compostable. Industrial composting requires specific temperature, moisture and microbial conditions not typically found in backyards.

What can you package in an EarthBottle™?

EarthBottles™ are currently used for dietary powders. They are potentially suitable for natural products, pharmaceuticals, personal-care products and household goods. These include herbal supplements, vitamin tablets, powders, soaps, lotions, shampoos, cosmetics, household products, cold-fill liquids and other dry goods.

EarthBottles™ are not suitable for carbonated liquids or beverages. We recommend additional testing for use with specific products.

Will the plant materials affect what’s inside an EarthBottle™, such as herbal supplements?

EarthBottle™ has not been found to alter the efficacy of herbal supplements or dry goods. Additional testing is recommended for use with each specific product.

Does EarthMatter™ contain GMOs?

Our EarthMatter™ additive package is GMO-free.

What sizes do EarthBottles™ come in?

EarthMatter™ has been used to successfully produce 19oz and 25oz wide-mouth containers, 120 and 200cc packers, personal care bottles and various closures. All of these products were made on industry standard platforms using EarthMatter™ as a drop-in polymer. Please contact us to discuss replacing your current packaging with EarthMatter™.

Are EarthBottles™ available in different colors? Can they be made transparent?

The standard color for EarthMatter™ based products is white. Other colors can be produced through the use of industry standard color additives by the converter. A semi-transparent variation of EarthMatter™ is also available.

Can I use EarthMatter™ in an existing mold?

Yes, EarthMatter™ is currently used at a full-production scale with existing injection molds, with injection blow molds and injection stretch blow molds. We have also had successful pilot runs of our material with other molding processes. Our polymer does not shrink after molding as some conventional plastics do. Please contact us to discuss the best option for replacing your current packaging.

Can I recycle an EarthBottle™?

Plastics are involved in just about everything we rely on in the U.S., but only about 10% of plastic that is discarded is recycled. (EPA Report on Municipal Solid Waste in the US, 2013 Facts & Figures). We are working with industry leaders to promote the greater use of renewable bioplastics such as EarthMatter™. EarthBottles™ have a resin identification code 7 or “Other”. Number 7 resins are typically sent to a landfill, but as their use continues to grow, they should begin to be considered a valuable commodity and recycled.

Do you make closures for EarthBottles™?

Yes, we also make closures using our patent pending EarthMatter™ additive.

How does EarthMatter™ PLA compare with other PLA?

EarthMatter™ PLA has a higher HDT, strength and toughness than typical PLA. We aim to provide materials technology that provides both functionality and sustainability.

Can EarthMatter™ additive be used in master batch compounding?

Yes, our EarthMatter™ additive can be used in master batch compounding. Please contact us if you would like to trial it in your system.

How do EarthMatter™ enhanced polymers compare with conventional plastics such as HDPE and PET?

EarthMatter™ enhanced polymers have barrier properties and functional characteristics that support a range of non-beverage uses for opaque containers. We recommend additional testing of specific products and can provide samples for testing purposes.

What is made with EarthMatter™ besides EarthBottle™?

Formulations of our bio-based additive package are being compounded with various bio-based base resins and are being tested for flexible packaging, durable goods, fibers and other uses. Please get in touch if you have a specific use or application in mind.

We use glass as earth-friendly packaging. Why switch to EarthBottle™?

EarthBottles™ are lighter than glass and therefore cost less to ship. EarthBottles™ also eliminate breakage issues. If glass packaging is still the best option for your product, consider replacing your closure with a renewable bioplastic EarthCap™.

Where can I place an order for EarthBottles™?

EarthBottles™ are lighter than glass and therefore cost less to ship. EarthBottles™ also eliminate breakage issues. If glass packaging is still the best option for your product, consider replacing your closure with a renewable bioplastic EarthCap™.