About Us

Please contact us with your questions. We would love to talk further, provide a sample, or even discuss how we can make the world a better place – one sustainable package at a time.


Emanuel Martins
Technology Development

Jamie Ginn
National Sales Director
Sadie Carlson
Sales Manager
Carmen Finnessy, Ph.D.
R&D Director
Jared Owen


ERT Values


We allow nature to be our guide both in theory of management and growth

Our work will be catalytic and transformative.

We seek to be regenerative in our pursuits, holistic in our thinking, and respectful of nature and people at all times.

We seek to support innovative and transformative ideas, people, and organizations in all aspects of our work.

We seek to tread lightly on the Earth and work towards continuous improvement as environmental stewards.

We strive to be authentic, open, creative, and transparent in our ideas and communication.

We measure success using standards of the systems and world we want to create in place of using standards of the systems and world we are trying to change.

We live these intentions and values in our daily work, and strive to embody them in our interactions, creating a culture from the very roots of our partnerships that is grounded in what matters most.

We pursue true partnership with land and relationships, valuing collaboration and respect with our customers.